NCT 127 엔시티 127 '영웅 (英雄; Kick It)' MV

4. mars. 2020
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NCT 127 엔시티 127 '영웅 (英雄; Kick It)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • 2:53 태일형이 애드립부분때 정말 리얼하게 했어요 그리구 새로태어나 이파트때 한마리의 새로 태어나는줄 알았어요 그래서 촬영끝나고 날아갔다는 썰이있습니다.

    NCT 127NCT 127År siden
    • non sono d'accordo

      SkelethOfficialProfileSkelethOfficialProfile3 dager siden
    • 고정 축하드려요!

      ᄀᄀᄋᄀᄀᄋMåned siden
    • @yeah _ tô i

      Noobizinha TowerNoobizinha Tower2 måneder siden
    • No entiendo pero los amo xd

      Daiana HuangDaiana Huang5 måneder siden
    • Obvio que si

      Naddia FloresNaddia Flores8 måneder siden
  • Fighting

    HAECHANHAECHAN15 minutter siden
  • What gorgeous men!

    Sarch 102Sarch 102Time siden
  • brazileiros com mentes poluidas em algumas partes da musica:(¬‿¬)

    Caroline Bernardes Fonseca De BarrosCaroline Bernardes Fonseca De BarrosTime siden
  • Next 125M

    Kyle VinalonKyle VinalonTime siden
  • Jungwoo❤🔥😫💚

    For JungwooFor JungwooTime siden
  • I like it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    maham Sherazmaham Sheraz3 timer siden
  • If this song didn't come out what would've happened?

    Shotaro's HyungShotaro's Hyung3 timer siden

    Mónica SantamaríaMónica Santamaría3 timer siden
  • 201030506070809010

    Mónica SantamaríaMónica Santamaría3 timer siden
  • Ok nct127 comeback when, pls

    taeyong sneeze TAEBREEZEtaeyong sneeze TAEBREEZE3 timer siden
  • Let’s make it 127M 🔥

    Fetris ikaFetris ika4 timer siden
  • Pura perfeição, sem nenhum defeito, eles nunca decepcionam, meu Deus que maravilhoso esse MV

    •Tia Kim Chan• 김찬•Tia Kim Chan• 김찬4 timer siden
  • I love you NCT💜

    มุจิรา อานันท์มุจิรา อานันท์4 timer siden
  • I can't be the only one watching this part on repeat 2:20 Taeyong's expression and movements are just unreal I'm addicted 😍

    Cute Cyphi BoyCute Cyphi Boy4 timer siden
  • This is always my fav song in NCT

    shun yatishun yati5 timer siden
  • 127zens pake kostum dinas badutnya mulai sekarang, ok?

    HRSHRS5 timer siden
  • One of the best ever mv I've ever seen

    Amisha RatheeAmisha Rathee6 timer siden
  • Taeil’s high-not & vocal is just amazing 😻

    L YixingL Yixing6 timer siden
  • Stay here after knowing the rumour of stay kids covering this song .. let me say I'm now addicting to this song

    Taekook LoveTaekook Love6 timer siden
  • Yutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    NCT has 8329 membersNCT has 8329 members7 timer siden
  • Yuta only got 4 lines!!!!!! seriously

    Swarup PawarSwarup Pawar7 timer siden
  • 200M before 2 years kajaa

    peace of mindpeace of mind7 timer siden
  • Str3am Hot Sauce too

    MØÔNMØÔN7 timer siden
  • Waitting for their comeback ..

    MØÔNMØÔN7 timer siden
  • Tetap bersama brush lee

    matcha lattematcha latte7 timer siden
  • sonunda 120M olmuş

    Taeyong'un Müq poposuTaeyong'un Müq poposu8 timer siden

    Tiara Amalia NugrohoTiara Amalia Nugroho8 timer siden
  • this song reminds me of lockdown 2020 ,thoes memories 😭 getting up in the morning for online classes ,eating cereal and listening to this (and ridin') on loop

    rosezanrosezan8 timer siden
  • well i was such a fool that i didn't knew this song first but thanks to Lisa, she introduced me to this bop

    blackpink blinkblackpink blink8 timer siden
  • 01:45 ?

    zehra ama aması maması olmayanzehra ama aması maması olmayan9 timer siden
    • His name is Taeyong ( Leader ) 💚

      ᴀᴠᴏɴʟᴇᴀᴀᴠᴏɴʟᴇᴀ5 timer siden
  • 120 million!

    chanakarnkimchanakarnkim9 timer siden
  • 해찬, 도영, 재현, 태영, 마크 😍

    Erni BudiasihErni Budiasih9 timer siden
  • Ok but my heart still can't handle all this awesomeness tho, no matter how many times I watch it, I still scream argggg 💕

    BiBi gets CraftyBiBi gets Crafty9 timer siden
  • 해찬 😍😘

    Erni BudiasihErni Budiasih9 timer siden

    yuta enthusiastyuta enthusiast9 timer siden
  • give us an NCT127 comeback or we'll gonna introduce some new thangs forever

    yuta enthusiastyuta enthusiast9 timer siden
  • naur bcs this mv, this song, this choreography deserve SO MUCH BETTER.

    yuta enthusiastyuta enthusiast9 timer siden
  • day10

    Keana ValdeviesoKeana Valdevieso10 timer siden
  • COOOL💚💚

    Dhavya Azhaar YasmineDhavya Azhaar Yasmine10 timer siden

  • NCT is entertainment... NCT is fun... NCT is trend....❣❣❣❣

    I am an ArmyI am an Army10 timer siden
  • Percayalah NCTzen itu setia... Contohnya, Coba aja liat sekarang dia masih setia disini

    Aufa DzakirahAufa Dzakirah11 timer siden
  • 120million!!!😊💚🎉

    IZ*ONE & NCTIZ*ONE & NCT11 timer siden
  • 3:41 my mind came up to renegade

    Lisa the FairyLisa the Fairy12 timer siden
  • Dance powerfull✊💚

    Noor H.Noor H.12 timer siden
  • here because wheein recommended this song 🎵 on her magazine interview

    whee pupwhee pup12 timer siden
  • Idk if it’s just me but I realise after they hit 100 million, this mv keep on getting more than 1 million vi3ws every week

    Kaisah HafidzKaisah Hafidz13 timer siden
  • Stream

    Jasmine NacarioJasmine Nacario13 timer siden
  • siapa yg kesini gara2 buat selingan Hot Sauce?

    Erika Kusuma Indah YasaErika Kusuma Indah Yasa13 timer siden
  • Taeyong

    Augusti UlinaAugusti Ulina13 timer siden
  • new thangs

    Cycnusz NCT In The HouseCycnusz NCT In The House13 timer siden
  • is it okay if i stan nct 127 and dream but not the other??

    geance —geance —14 timer siden
    • It’s normal in Ncity. Yes as long as you are nice and respectful to the other units. I am honestly an nctzen ot23, but my ult is 127

      黃旭熙黃旭熙9 timer siden
    • It's fine as long as you are respectful of all the members and units. I myself only stan 127 while casually follow the other units

      junnie junjunnie jun13 timer siden
  • Semangat,mantaapee,ganteng -. Ganteng,Nct kereen habiisss,suka.sekali ❤️❤️❤️ 🔥🔥🔥

    Cicilia TiwiCicilia Tiwi14 timer siden

    Cheiro de uvaCheiro de uva14 timer siden
  • 120.078.509

    Ardianti Dila KartikaArdianti Dila Kartika14 timer siden
  • This song and the choreo is the best of boygroup from 2020 till now, personally to me. Love it, perpect set of the singers, dancers, scene, visual

    iin Bayinahiin Bayinah15 timer siden
  • I miss 127

    Support NCTSupport NCT15 timer siden
  • Kick it legend

    Heyv YuHeyv Yu15 timer siden
  • Puku puku paw paw

    Gallimimus 37,5 %Gallimimus 37,5 %16 timer siden
  • 120M!!

    Tegar Wahyu NasriTegar Wahyu Nasri16 timer siden
  • 120m mntp

    Ben GiofanoBen Giofano18 timer siden
  • Next mission 125M! .

    Junahbie ReasJunahbie Reas18 timer siden
  • Seems that we have to wait until October for 127's comeback :'(

    Andrea AbrilAndrea Abril18 timer siden
    • @Dren Kard no just sm schedule for different groups was released. Nct 127 name was written for 4th quarter of 2021 so assuming oct comeback like in regular era

      N ThapaN Thapa5 timer siden
    • Was the oct date announced somewhere?

      Dren KardDren Kard17 timer siden
  • kesini tiap hari karna lagunya bagus banget

    nik fitrianik fitria18 timer siden
  • Comeback comeback comeback !!!

    NadyaNadya19 timer siden

    hello markhello mark19 timer siden
    • no it hasnt announced, it was from sm's timetable draft thats been going around on twitter since this morning i guesss

      hello markhello mark15 timer siden
    • Seriously? Is that a rumour or officialy announced? I am trembling :/

      黃旭熙黃旭熙15 timer siden
    • Was October announced somewhere?

      Dren KardDren Kard17 timer siden
  • KICK IT 120M !!!! YEAHHHH

    Leader TaeyongLeader Taeyong20 timer siden

    ANGEL SWANANGEL SWAN20 timer siden
  • To any NCTZens who use Kick It as a filler to whatever NCT MVs you’re str3aming, thank you .... To the ones who don’t.... start NOW!

    Oliv EvangelineOliv Evangeline20 timer siden
  • 💚💚💚💚💚

    Dhavya Azhaar YasmineDhavya Azhaar Yasmine21 time siden
  • Nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar a la reina Kick it😋💚

  • Ya llegamos a los 120M!!!🥳🥳🥳

  • Hiçbir zaman NCT olayını anlamayacağım galiba. Kaç kişiler, kim hangi grupta? Karmaşıkkkkkk

    Rabia ŞahinRabia Şahin22 timer siden
    • @Rabia Şahin sorun değil ve fandoma hoşgelmişen ~♡~

      Taeyong'un Müq poposuTaeyong'un Müq poposu7 timer siden
    • @Taeyong'un Müq poposu yemin ediyorum o kadar iyi anlattın ki, kafam çok karışıktı ve bir türlü anlayamıyordum. Hele ki bazı üyeleri farklı gruplarda gördükçe korkuyordum ama şu an her şey yerine oturdu çooook teşekkürler 💜bias olarak Lucas'ı seçtim bilie 😁

      Rabia ŞahinRabia Şahin7 timer siden
    • @Rabia Şahin NCT'NİN açılımı'Neo Culture Technology' sm ent. altında 2016'da çıkış yaptı fandom adı NCTzen grubun konsepti 'sınırsız üye' şeklinde toplam 23 kişiler 4 ünittenn oluşuyor Nct dream'de en genç ve küçük üyeler var Nct dream üyeleri; Jaemin,renjun,chenle,mark,jisung, Jeno, haechan Nct 127- 127seul'un boylam koordinatı üyeler; Taeyong,jaehyun,jungwoo,mark, haechan,johnny,taeil,yuta, doyoung WayV (NCT'nin çin merkezli üniti) Yani üyeler Çinli üyeler; Hendery, yangyang, Lucas, xiaojun, ten, winwin,kun Nct u ise konsepte göre üye seçiyor yani şarkının konseptine hangi üye uyuyorsa üye sayıları her yıl artıyor mesela 2020'de 2 yeni üye geldi sungchan ve shotaro ama onların belli bir üniti yok daha grup lideri Taeyong her 2 yılda bir bütün grup üyeleri birleşip cb yapiyolar mesela geçen yıl NCT 2020 olarak cb yaptilar bu uzun yazdığım gözünü korkutmasin Nct'ye bi şans vermelisin bence zamanla anlarsin ilk başta hepimiz anlamadık ne diyorduk ama zaman geçtikçe anliyorsun

      Taeyong'un Müq poposuTaeyong'un Müq poposu8 timer siden
    • @Taeyong'un Müq poposu evet, lütfen

      Rabia ŞahinRabia Şahin8 timer siden
    • @Taeyong'un Müq poposu klavye hatası

      Rabia ŞahinRabia Şahin8 timer siden
  • SM release our boys from that basement . 127zen are already starving

    Lincey SegaLincey Sega22 timer siden
  • happy 120m! now let’s get gimme gimme to 30M and regular and simon says to 70m! 127 only has 127zens

    NCT 127 discography is flawlessNCT 127 discography is flawless22 timer siden
  • The band name it is SMTOWN or NCT? I love them but I feel confuse about the name band. I am brazilian, hehe

    Gabriel RochaGabriel Rocha22 timer siden
    • NCT 127 is a group with 9 members only

      NCT 127 discography is flawlessNCT 127 discography is flawless22 timer siden
    • NCT

      DamawutDamawut22 timer siden
  • It's the"BABY WE GO WILD" HAHAHAHA Minus 1000 ka sa langit hahahahwhsa

    Sumayya AmpasoSumayya Ampaso22 timer siden
  • happy 120M

    eriseldaa hajderiseldaa hajd23 timer siden
  • I need NCT 127 to comeback asap!

    Jessica HassockJessica Hassock23 timer siden
  • 127 SQUAD

    Lovely LovelyLovely LovelyDag siden
  • 120 MMM yeyyyyyy

    Dior De'AthDior De'AthDag siden
  • Yes 120M amoooo

    Tatati127 NCTTatati127 NCTDag siden
  • 120 миллионов, йесссс!!!

    Tanya LeeTanya LeeDag siden
  • Y’all, this mv was so aesthetic. They served us LOOK after LOOK, literally every scene is a wallpaper. It’s incredible

    Presently ATEEZPresently ATEEZDag siden
  • Alhamdulilah 120m jg:)

    black rosesblack rosesDag siden
  • Biutde

    Stream Mr. Simple y ObsessionStream Mr. Simple y ObsessionDag siden
  • Taeyong te extraño

    ゙Dag siden
  • 120m🎊 pls help hot sauce too begging u guys

    lilacZlilacZDag siden
    • @lilacZ yep. i only like nct 127 and some nct i songs because of their music nctzens only come here to promote other units... they really need to fix that.

      NCT 127 discography is flawlessNCT 127 discography is flawless21 time siden
    • @NCT 127 discography is flawless yeah this is kinda sad.. only minority..... that's why we are str3aming harder everyday... & Ofc... leave comment about 127 and support their channel these are my naturally done daily things. thanks for reminds me. you said u are a music fan so welcome & thanks for enjoying and like nct music. i hope you can get energy or relaxation from their music cuz they really want to help ppl with their music even if in a short time.

      lilacZlilacZ21 time siden
    • @lilacZ leave comments about 127 if you like them. and support their channel

      NCT 127 discography is flawlessNCT 127 discography is flawless21 time siden
    • @lilacZ we,l i’m a music fan. so no. 127 doesn’t get ads so their views are low and nctzens don’t support them. only a minority

      NCT 127 discography is flawlessNCT 127 discography is flawless21 time siden
    • @NCT 127 discography is flawless oh i think you are misunderstanding ...i'm just asking politely and i'm ot23 stan since they are pre debut. i'm also str3aming this mv, gimme gimme and all other nct mvs. all of them are my love, my bias(es). I support and love all of them. i hope u won't misunderstand me anymore. 💚😃 lastly thank you so much for str3aming my 127 bbys' MVs

      lilacZlilacZ21 time siden
  • Let's make 127 million for NCT 127!

    Sonia RamirezSonia RamirezDag siden
  • You guys must prepare physically and mentally for the next nct 127 comeback. So we can reach the another milestone for our boys!

    daegalsocutedaegalsocuteDag siden

    jwoo ltyongiejwoo ltyongieDag siden
  • happy 120M

    GenieGenieDag siden
  • 120M

    DZAKYDZAKYDag siden
  • finally 120M

    nasywanasywaDag siden
  • 120M!!!

    cAnADa GoOSecAnADa GoOSeDag siden
  • 120M!!!!!

    what the flute?what the flute?Dag siden
  • Yash 120M

    Desyitri CahyaniDesyitri CahyaniDag siden
  • Who's here ever think that the title is Bruce Lee?

    Neo CityNeo CityDag siden
  • OTW 3,5M likes just like MAW

    Neo CityNeo CityDag siden