NCT U 엔시티 유 '일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)' MV

8. april. 2016
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S.M.Entertainment’s new boy group, NCT’s debut single ‘일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense) (Sung by TAEYONG, MARK, JAEHYUN, DOYOUNG, TEN)’ has been released.
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NCT U 엔시티 유 '일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)' MV
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  • Still a 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    For JungwooFor Jungwoo2 timer siden
  • Who else keep coming here after watching Mark & Ten Insta live

    Jen SapamJen Sapam3 timer siden
  • Ten me das vida

    Cloe PaArkCloe PaArk3 timer siden
  • El mejor debut 🔥

    Ana LuciaAna Lucia4 timer siden

    VanessaVanessa4 timer siden
  • Congrats 100M VIEWS! I’m m still in love with this exotic mood that no one has

    moon Starmoon Star4 timer siden
  • "Open your rice" Will do.

    Jimin's lost jamsJimin's lost jams4 timer siden
  • Miss this era

    Ten LeeTen Lee5 timer siden
  • Love this song

    Ten LeeTen Lee5 timer siden
  • Hino atemporal

    LauraLaura5 timer siden
  • IMAGINE, if this song release this year. it hits harder than ever

    cheol wrldscheol wrlds7 timer siden
  • ชอบเพลงนี้ที่สุดเลย แต่ไม่ค่อยเข้ามาฟังเฉย งง

    mama moosupmama moosup8 timer siden
  • the sounds very satisfying

    dinondradinondra13 timer siden
  • this really was soooo ahead of its time 😭😭😭

    duskcumulusduskcumulus16 timer siden
  • love this song sooooo much

    dangodango17 timer siden
  • Just discovered this song... and Mark looks like such a BABY! It’s my new favorite thing 😊

    Dylan DouglasDylan Douglas18 timer siden

    Jhelsie Joy DadivoJhelsie Joy Dadivo19 timer siden
  • i’m a new nctzen and i literally thought this was a recent release when i heard it, wtf this song was ahead of its time

    honie-zenhonie-zenDag siden
  • petition for sm to rerelease this song

    jungwoo’s hair strandjungwoo’s hair strandDag siden
  • 내 최애곡

    우리애 괴롭히면 무는 개우리애 괴롭히면 무는 개Dag siden
  • 2021🙋🏻‍♀️

    MULTI26MULTI26Dag siden
  • Tbh this is one of the best debut songs

    aeongi02aeongi02Dag siden
  • Intense body rolling in high af state.

    Too AbobubbleToo AbobubbleDag siden
  • 3rd eye by stray kids and the 7th sense sit at the same table for lunch.

    hyunsunghyunsungDag siden
  • Amazing

    leyahdrxleyahdrxDag siden
  • Eeeehhhh, i forgot this song I used to listen this on 2017, but not so often Then i forgot it And i just remember it today Its ok, yesung even forgot his own song, hahaha

    Iki KyuIki KyuDag siden
  • Mampir dulu hehe

    njmrj1323njmrj1323Dag siden
  • i can't stop thinking about mark in the bathroom lmao

    Gg GgGg GgDag siden
  • This sounds soo mysterious and cool

    yourmomyourmomDag siden
  • que temazo aaaaa

    mags uwumags uwuDag siden

    OppsOppsDag siden
  • Gracias nct por este temazo

    AlmaAlmaDag siden
  • SM!!! Let's TEN perform with his debuted friends again, please

    Krittapron WeeragitpanichKrittapron WeeragitpanichDag siden
  • How is this masterpiece already 5 years old 🤕

    Kageyamas MilkKageyamas Milk2 dager siden
  • I'm not very familiar with nct. Their titles don't tend to be really my kind of thing. Like don't get me wrong. I like the songs but I don't really go back to listen to them often.... BUT DAMN THIS SONG IS FIREEEEEE!? This vibe/style is Soooo different from what I'm used to hearing from them.... AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!??

    Hermine MHermine M2 dager siden
    • @Sonia Ramirez I will check it out :) thanks!

      Hermine MHermine MDag siden
    • I recommend you Taeyong songs, long flight or dark clouds, have elegant vibes

      Sonia RamirezSonia Ramirez2 dager siden
  • I found out this was their debut.... WOW

    Hermine MHermine M2 dager siden

  • Ohaa çok uzun zamandır buraya gelmemişim şaka mı bu

    Haechan’s molesHaechan’s moles2 dager siden
  • a 5 year old song that's still a bop,only in NCT.

    kunfusedxjkunfusedxj2 dager siden
  • if you want your music taste to be great, stan nct

    maimai2 dager siden
  • Amo esta canción

    best doyoungnistabest doyoungnista2 dager siden
  • Te amo Taeyong, te como entero bb

    MaxiMaxi2 dager siden
  • you have that music taste if this song is in your playlist

    chyuckiechyuckie2 dager siden
  • ya tiene 100 millones de reproducciones y creo que la mitad son mias, la puedo escuchar durante horas sin cansarme

    un panda maloun panda malo2 dager siden
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the pillars of NCT.

    triggered yongtriggered yong2 dager siden
  • You are the best

    HaechanHaechan2 dager siden
  • Hey, I am an ARMY! I wanna stan NCT too! Can someone help me? I wanna be known as a NCTzen too!

    pari gunnupari gunnu3 dager siden
    • @shoogi oh thanks!

      pari gunnupari gunnu2 dager siden
    • @pari gunnu for nct u unit it depends on what members fits that concept most, like only taeyong and ten did baby don’t stop while johnny, yuta, ten, jungwoo, hendery, jaemin, and jisung were in nct u for the work it comeback

      shoogishoogi2 dager siden
    • @shoogi wow! Thank you! So according to what the members change in the subunit of NCT U?

      pari gunnupari gunnu2 dager siden
    • @pari gunnu nct has a concept in which they keep growing member wise they have 23 members here are the 5 here the one at the start and in the middle is taeyong he is the leader and in the nct 127 unit 0:41 is jaehyun he is in the nct 127 unit 0:46 is ten he is in their chinese unit called WayV 1:22 is doyoung in nct 127 unit 2:01 is mark he is in nct dream and nct 127 all the members switch and rotate around for nct u when this unit has a comeback they have nct 127, nct dream, nct u, and wayv

      shoogishoogi2 dager siden
    • @Allysa Nurul Fauziah everything basic about them, ig. I wanna know their names fully first haha

      pari gunnupari gunnu3 dager siden
  • This was headed of its time, Just imagine this masterpiece in 2021, it would be everywhere I swear

    Deslys GwenDeslys Gwen3 dager siden

    neanea3 dager siden
  • This song and Long flight have something different from other NCT songs. Cool vibes.

    Sonia RamirezSonia Ramirez3 dager siden
  • Simplemente soty

    best doyoungnistabest doyoungnista3 dager siden
  • I have a genuine question..if ten is with NCT 127 here, then why isn’t he in the rest of the MVs?

    Aya SukuraAya Sukura3 dager siden
    • @Oikawas Butt I just realized!! Since the other members from NCT 127 were here I thought it was NCT 127 and didn’t check the name :)

      Aya SukuraAya SukuraDag siden
    • @triggered yong Oh okay thank you for the explanation!! It helped alot

      Aya SukuraAya SukuraDag siden
    • this is NCT U also knows as the rotational unit. they don't have permanent members unlike dream, 127 and wayv. SM will change the lineup in this unit based on the concept of comeback. this is there first NCT U lineup. all of them debuted in NCT 127 too except Ten since he debuted in WayV which is somehow sad bcs he's the only member in this lineup that is separeted :(

      triggered yongtriggered yong2 dager siden
    • Well, it's really funny how to Nct use their members in different units

      Sonia RamirezSonia Ramirez3 dager siden
    • this is NCT U

      Oikawas ButtOikawas Butt3 dager siden

    Flamingo ChoiFlamingo Choi3 dager siden
  • this is nctzens' first love from NCT 🥺 like who's with me???

    Anne Gabrielle AgsunodAnne Gabrielle Agsunod3 dager siden
  • I wish they would perform this song again

    Jack AveryJack Avery3 dager siden
  • Mano eu amo essa música! O Mark trabalha muito meu povo

    Iara ChristinaIara Christina3 dager siden
  • 5 years later and this debut masterpiece is still visually aesthetic and sound futuristic.. the power of NCT!! Shout out to SM, i can't believe that they have a lot of ideas and produce this neo concept like aespa too

    PatPat4 dager siden
  • One of my fav slow rhythm songs : 7th sense with #move from Taemin 💕

    CstichCstich4 dager siden
  • Sijeuni yang cantik streaming bareng yuk

    Yuniar HanandayaniYuniar Hanandayani4 dager siden
  • The world not ready for this

    NomnomNomnom4 dager siden
  • 정재현 이태용은 이때랑 지금이랑 얼굴이 또옥같네 나이는 또 나만 먹지

    쓰까쓰까쓰까쓰까4 dager siden
  • ten mark taeyong jaehyun doyoung

    Yousra RamadanYousra Ramadan4 dager siden

    Lunae LumenLunae Lumen4 dager siden
  • im so obsessed of this, the beat tho😭🙌

    Clarita CasasClarita Casas4 dager siden
    • me too

      Nancy Gonzales MattaNancy Gonzales Matta2 dager siden
  • Take it slow...

    Sonia RamirezSonia Ramirez5 dager siden
  • To everyone listening to this master piece in 2021: know that you are not alone **inhales** AnyMorE~~~~~

    Lolo 1007Lolo 10075 dager siden
  • Other groups could never

    Lolo 1007Lolo 10075 dager siden

    neoctzenneoctzen5 dager siden
  • 아직도 엔씨티 통털어 칠감이 쩌는 듯...

    고라파덕고라파덕5 dager siden
  • kpop is for kids they said

    AlexAlex5 dager siden
  • omg mark be slaying so mad in this

    Diksha gulatiDiksha gulati5 dager siden
  • What an iconic debut

    Moody BluesMoody Blues5 dager siden
  • .

    MiwshinMiwshin5 dager siden
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩 i'm coming back bcs i miss taeyong on this era

    reskehreskeh5 dager siden
  • Cancion kla pulentaaaaa💖💖💖💖

    Carina M.JCarina M.J5 dager siden
  • masterpiece

  • You do~

    Keneti RKeneti R5 dager siden
  • Ten was a babyyyyy

    kitthe catkitthe cat6 dager siden
  • I fear people who have already overcome this

    Adriana SotoAdriana Soto6 dager siden
  • Esta canción la escuché hace como 2 años, ahora escuché "make a wish" y no se que pdo. De dónde salieron los demás? jajaja

    - エド -ednaa- エド -ednaa6 dager siden
    • @- エド -ednaa d nada amor

      lulalula3 dager siden
    • @lula Ooo gracias, eso no lo sabia♡:0

      - エド -ednaa- エド -ednaa3 dager siden
    • @- エド -ednaa solo esta unidad se rota, nct u, las demás digamos que son permanentes, x eso veas miembros distintos en cada canción de nct u

      lulalula3 dager siden
    • @sky Ooo, sabia lo de las subunidades pero no sabia que se van rotando:0 Gracias♡

      - エド -ednaa- エド -ednaa6 dager siden
    • NCT funciona así por subunidades y los miembros se van rotando

      skysky6 dager siden
  • i stil can't believe i can listen to this AND WATCH IT'S MV *FOR FREE* i love it so much

    An Adorble Rappresentative MC for YouthAn Adorble Rappresentative MC for Youth6 dager siden
  • Weey 5 añoss. recordando cuando eran 5 jajsjsj ahora son 23 ajajajajajaj

    Sara MatorraSara Matorra6 dager siden
  • SUKA BGT LAGU INIIII😾😾😾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Riri AlieRiri Alie6 dager siden
  • 5

    Romaan ARomaan A6 dager siden
  • “NCT will be so easy to learn their names, it’s only 5 of them”...🤡

    ĀŁËXĀŁËX6 dager siden
    • Little did they know... :)

      Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTLTahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTLDag siden
  • In need of more music like this

    Farheen AFarheen A6 dager siden
  • 150M go go go

    _ Counter__ Counter_6 dager siden
  • Who came here even after the hot sause comeback today?

    Nana GurlNana Gurl7 dager siden

    onizukaonizuka7 dager siden
  • Taeyong and Doyoung voice arrghhh

    jaehyunjaehyun7 dager siden
  • I need The 7th Sense re-comeback!!

    jaehyunjaehyun7 dager siden
  • I honestly can't understand why NCT isn't too popular, like look at this absolute MASTERPIECE, people who don't know about NCT are missing out

    yuharaeyuharae7 dager siden
    • FACTS!!

      Jimin's lost jamsJimin's lost jams4 timer siden
  • NCT U the 7th sense, PLEASE COMEBACK IN ANOTHER SONG. Happy party together.. #5yearAnniversary

    Nur HikmaNur Hikma7 dager siden

    Nur HikmaNur Hikma7 dager siden
  • Came again to hear this bop after a long time and it still hits hard!

    Kika ParkKika Park7 dager siden
  • alguém em 2023?

    Mano DuarteMano Duarte7 dager siden
  • só comentando.........

    Mano DuarteMano Duarte7 dager siden
  • Try

    Wilbert WirawanWilbert Wirawan7 dager siden
  • Been 5 years and I'm still opening my rice 🍚

    패자입니다패자입니다7 dager siden
  • YES? MY KING🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

    太宰太宰7 dager siden