[STATION] CHANYEOL 찬열 'Tomorrow' MV Teaser

5. april. 2021
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CHANYEOL's new single "Tomorrow" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/CHANYEOL_Tomorrow
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[STATION] CHANYEOL 찬열 'Tomorrow' MV Teaser ℗ SM Entertainment

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  • great song chanyeol

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  • best boy

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  • 灿烈会越来越好的 期待~

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  • I miss you

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  • I love you

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  • i hope they could also put the direct link to the official mv :((

    where tf is exowhere tf is exo5 dager siden
  • LINK TO OFFICIAL MV: notown.info/two/video/rMx8o4Snrddomrs.html

    where tf is exowhere tf is exo5 dager siden
  • Thank you baby

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  • 너 진짜 노래냈어...?

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  • You paint my black and white life We are one

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  • With watching the teaser I know that this song I like

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  • Terima kasih sudah menyiapkan semuanya untuk kami exo-l dan yeolmaes,terima kasih sudah tidak membuat kami kesepian,sekali lagi terima kasih atas kerja kerasmu dan kasih sayang mu untuk exo-l,Eri menyayangi mu selalu Sehat2 disana, i always waiting for you

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  • Why only teaser posting here in SMTOWN not the full MV..they post only the station??some of fans they can't see the full music video..this song is the only one melt our heart..so sincere..i love you oppa LOEY

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  • Chanyeol i Miss u

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  • Super excited

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  • St43am hard untill 1m!!

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  • Who loves Chanyeol?

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  • I love you

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  • Please bring back our 9 queens Girls Generation

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  • Chanyeol bizi özün ûçün darıxdırma my dear , 나는 당신과 함께 군대에 갈 것입니다.네! Biz dedikdə eliyirik! AZERBAİJANİ EXO'L 아제르바이잔 엑솔

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  • خلونا نحاول نوصل التيزر مليون

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  • Sayang chanyeol banyak banyak

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  • لو منزلة الفيديو في قناتك كان راح يحقق اكثر يا اس زق

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  • 제 사랑을 말로 다 표현할 수가 없어요.네 음악을 통해 나에게 힘을 줘서 고마워. 너는 나의 천사

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  • today I love you, tomorrow I love you too, And until tomorrow-tomorrow I will still love you. 사랑해-!

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  • bro this gives me major aomg vibes 😳✨

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  • Chanyeol you are the best. Look at the positive side and stay healthy. We wait for your return. Love you always

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  • Thank you chanyeol

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  • Chanyeolllll

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  • hi! I am trying to get into EXO and wanted to start from the beginning in terms of their variety/reality shows, do you possibly have a list or link to all of their shows since debut?

    Emily ChinEmily Chin9 dager siden
    • I'm sorry I wanted to give you the link but unfortunately YT comments couldn't provide a link so I suggest u to ask about this on twitter or quora also you can find exo show links on quora, twitter & tumblr. You can also watch exo content & shows on the vlive app even though there are not many.

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  • u really dont want us to feel like ur awayyyy urghhhhh!

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  • See you next time Chanyeol😊😊

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  • CHANYEOL bat ka Ganyan😭😭

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  • Miss CY

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  • Chanbeak is real(;

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  • Chaneyol tomorrow waiting for the mv

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  • Stay safe

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  • 왕자님 건강하게 잘 갔다오는거다 여기서 기다릴께

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  • thanks for the surprise

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  • Yeollie You are the best

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    • @AAA 1380 😱😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖😱💖💖😱💖😱💖😱

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    • Please do not use emojis

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  • Chanyeol Miss you

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  • ماذا سنفهل بدونك تشانيول ستغيب عنا سنتين وهي ليست باسبوعين او شهرين بل هيا سنتين فقط قول لنا ماذا سنفعل بدون زرافتنا الطويلة وفايروس سعادتنا ماذا سنفعل بدونكم اكسو 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I miss you EXO ot 12👑 I miss you EXO ot 9 💖

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  • Tomorrow,You mary me

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  • Cant wait for this to come out

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    • it's already released on sm station channel^^ notown.info/two/video/rMx8o4Snrddomrs.html

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  • haşmetlilerim

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  • Chanyeol

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  • The vocals tho 😭😍

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  • I feel a little bit happier now , for Chanyeol leaving a new album before his enlistment ..

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  • 선물 받았어. 고마워

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    ayatul husnaayatul husna10 dager siden

    ayatul husnaayatul husna10 dager siden

    ayatul husnaayatul husna10 dager siden