[STATION] 강타 X 웬디 X 슬기 '인형 (Doll)' Concert Live Video

27. okt.. 2017
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The STATION track '인형 (Doll)' has been released.
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/STATION2_30
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[STATION] 강타 X 웬디 X 슬기 '인형 (Doll)' Concert Live Video ℗ S.M.Entertainment

  • 웬디 정말 예쁜 인형 같아. 슬기 진짜 아름다운 보석이야. 안무 하나 없이 표정과 목소리 만으로 사람을 속이는구나. 얘들은 진짜 가수다.

    ddjjddjjTime siden
  • Kang seulgi and son seungwan❤ proud reveluv here.

    Arnel Jose MaghirangArnel Jose Maghirang2 dager siden
  • 원곡부른가수한테 손절당했다는거...lol

    dayfly daflydayfly dafly3 dager siden
  • 와~ 이노래 진짜 좋아하는데 강타 본인이 만든곡이라 그런지 이지훈,신혜성보다 훨씬 더 잘 어울리네

    jy jjy j5 dager siden
  • 놀면머하니 보다가 웬디 까지 더불어보네

    정유렁정유렁7 dager siden
  • スルギは最高です!

    MM9 dager siden
  • 조 옮긴게 이상한데... 원곡에 애절함과 간절함 다 어디갔냐... 너무 안락하고 너무 편안한데?

    reddbreddb15 dager siden
  • 음색 미치긴햇다 진짜

    권용웅권용웅15 dager siden
  • Seulgii

    SyifaSyifa17 dager siden
  • *Best Trio*

    Andy ShonAndy Shon17 dager siden
  • This trio version is still remains the best. Their voices and those harmonies are just straight-up irreplaceable, incomparable, and impeccable. The only flaw is how much underappreciated and less popular this version is. Really, this version is definitely deserves so much more.

    Seungwan is My JoySeungwan is My Joy18 dager siden
  • Best trio

    Rama ShonRama Shon19 dager siden
  • Seulgi cantik bgt

    n dn d22 dager siden
  • wow this is so perfect

    win everythingwin everything23 dager siden
  • Ah i love them so much

    ochq aktaochq akta26 dager siden
  • Achimi oneun sorie Nan jami deureoyo Oneuldo yeokshi geudaen Nal itgo bonaesseonneunji Geureokedo shwipge Gwaenchaneul su inneunji Oh Hangsang byeonami eopseotteon Geudae tteonagan ge Mideul su eopseo himdeureotjyo Geunyang geureoke seoroga Jogeumsshik ijeo gagetjyo Saranghandan maljochado Soyongeopgetjyo Mianaeyo igijeogin nayeotjyo Saranghandan iyuro Nae gyeoteman duryeo haesseotteon georyo Geuraeyo nan Gajang jungyohan geol moreugo isseotjyo Saranghandamyeon geudaega Eonjena haengbokhaeyajyo Bogo shipgetjyo Geugeon eojjeol su eopgetjyo Hajiman himdeuljin anke halgeyo Handongan mani apa ulda jichyeo Geudaereul chatgetjyo Shingyeong sseuji marayo nan Jamshippunil tenikka Gwaenchanayo idaero isseulgeyo Dangshingwan sanggwaneopshi Geunyang hollo jigil su inneun georyo Saranghaeyo Jeongmal hansungando byeonami eopseoyo Geudae eomneun binjarido Saranghamyeo saragalgeyo Bogo shipgetjyo Geugeon eojjeol su eopgetjyo Hajiman himdeuljin anke halgeyo Handongan mani apa ulda jichyeo Geudaereul chatgetjyo Shingyeong sseuji marayo nan Jamshippunil tenikka Oh geuraeyo nan (geuraeyo nan) Babo gatjiman (babo gatjiman) Uri jinan gieokdeul Ganjikhamyeo hollo Jikigo isseulge Handongan mani apa ulda jichyeo Geudaereul chatgetjyo Shingyeong sseuji marayo nan Jamshippunil tenikka Jamshippunin Ibyeorinikka

    youwesyouwes27 dager siden
  • WenSeul 💛💙

    Athif ShonAthif Shon29 dager siden
  • 조성모 for you 표절곡

    지혜자지혜자29 dager siden
  • Aaa keren bat anjirr😭😭😭🤍

    Adela12Adela12Måned siden
  • 💙💛

    camille martinscamille martinsMåned siden
  • Woahhh beautiful voiceee😭😭😭😭

    Rahiel shafaRahiel shafaMåned siden
  • 다음 슴콘때 백현 도영 버전도 꼬옥 부탁드려요~~❣︎

    네오한새싹네오한새싹Måned siden
  • Suara Kangta enak bangedd

    Ana MahfuzahAna MahfuzahMåned siden
  • Aku merindukannya

    Ana MahfuzahAna MahfuzahMåned siden
  • Lagunya enak bngettt

    Saskia PratiwiSaskia PratiwiMåned siden
  • who is saw this in 2021

    Augutinia Relga TandungAugutinia Relga TandungMåned siden
  • Seulgi can sing and dance so well, just wow

    Alyssa Jane MertoAlyssa Jane MertoMåned siden
  • Kangta one of the best male vocalist at sm

    Alyssa Jane MertoAlyssa Jane MertoMåned siden
  • King and queens

    Alyssa Jane MertoAlyssa Jane MertoMåned siden
  • Anjy mulus bener ga ada fals samsek😭😭

    Alifia FadhilatulAlifia FadhilatulMåned siden

    zkdlin Enthusiastzkdlin EnthusiastMåned siden
  • SM best vocalist really did well. Kangta, Wendy, Seulgi, Baekhyun and Doyoung... they are really amazing 🥺💓

    laylayMåned siden
  • come here again because of baekhyun and doyoung

    loeyscaaloeyscaaMåned siden
  • Together their voices suit the song so perfectly. The S in SM stands for superior vocalists

    em johem johMåned siden
  • seulgi 💓❤️

    Viola Jomaryl Angelo L.Viola Jomaryl Angelo L.Måned siden
  • I come after listening baekhyun ft doyoung

    amrh sfnamrh sfnMåned siden
  • Baekhyun & Doyoung's version is nice, but this version is still my favorite. 🤍

    idhoidhoMåned siden
  • I just found out that before Baekhyun and Doyoung sang this song already existed 😭😭

    lyshfylyshfyMåned siden
  • Seulgi will be featured in Wendy's solo album for a song titled Bestfriend 😭 They have the best vocal combination and I am really not over the fact that they do seem like a soulmate 😭

    Color RingColor RingMåned siden
  • So cool

    AlviniAlviniMåned siden
  • I'm back

    L NarenkumarL NarenkumarMåned siden
  • Sm always full of talent.. The look is a bonus ofc.. But their talent is everything for real

    username1004username1004Måned siden
  • damn wendy look like a singing angel

    Rahma FirdaRahma FirdaMåned siden
  • i just realized that this is a dream come true collab for wendy since she mentioned few yrs ago in weekly idol that kangta is her role model. mcs even teased her abt being a sm director like him.

    Norika :DNorika :DMåned siden
  • 1:50 웬디 미모 미쳤네.. 무슨 천사 같다

    황금향황금향Måned siden

    anjellieanjellieMåned siden
  • Vocal king and queens ❤️😭

    saumya_ agtesaumya_ agteMåned siden
  • Firts time i listen this song is late 2010 maybe leeteuk and yesung oppa sing this beautifull song at SS1.

    Santun TristiasmiSantun TristiasmiMåned siden
    • Ahhh that's why I'm so similar with this song, like I heard it somewhere but I can't remember where. Now I know... In supershow

      Abas IsAbas IsMåned siden
  • Imagine seulgi wendy baekhyun and doyoung singing this song together..........

    Syafiqah Husna binti Mohd FadillahSyafiqah Husna binti Mohd FadillahMåned siden
    • Please

      Valessa SMValessa SMMåned siden
  • Baekhyun x doyoung hehe

    wandadsswandadssMåned siden
  • Kangta is just so talented

    Isis LamIsis LamMåned siden
  • goosebumps every single time

    KKMåned siden
  • Fact: the sm has a strong voices

    solahsolahMåned siden
    • And visual 😎

      ㄒY̑̈O̸几ᘜ千ㄒY̑̈O̸几ᘜ千Måned siden

    • Yeah ❤️🤟🏻🔥

      ㄒY̑̈O̸几ᘜ千ㄒY̑̈O̸几ᘜ千Måned siden
    • 💪💪💪

      karin sskarin ssMåned siden
  • Shout out for our Kangta Nim💚💚💚💚💚

    Isis LamIsis Lam2 måneder siden
  • 웬디언냐 왜케이ㅃㄴ

    똥솔사똥솔사2 måneder siden
  • Wandrella:)

    L NarenkumarL Narenkumar2 måneder siden
    • And of course my babyyy ddeulgi:)))

      L NarenkumarL Narenkumar2 måneder siden
  • Ok I'm here everyday

    L NarenkumarL Narenkumar2 måneder siden
  • 이 영상 승완언니 진짜 공주같아........ 너무 예뻐요. 항상 좋은일만 있는 웬디가 되길...

    ᄋᄋᄋᄋ2 måneder siden
  • Seulgi i love you

    SUHO O2SUHO O22 måneder siden
  • Wow the harmonies ❤️❤️❤️

    Arhoni JungioArhoni Jungio2 måneder siden
  • Amazing ✨✨

    CHACHA CHOCHACHA CHO2 måneder siden
  • Enak bener lagunyaaaa oho...

    KA rismaKA risma2 måneder siden
  • KANGTA WENDY SEULGI DOYOUNG BAEKHYUN group performance pleaseeeee😭😭😭

    nananana2 måneder siden
  • Next month, our Wendy will debut solo after 7 years. I hope everyone will support her

    BoyLove TVBoyLove TV2 måneder siden
  • I wish one day i can be there at an SM Town concert ❤❤ 😢

    Zeineb LaZeineb La2 måneder siden
    • Me too 💗

      Alexray StolyarAlexray Stolyar2 måneder siden
  • Thanks to the comments on the video of Baekhyun and Doyoung I know about this version. I can only say SM IS THE HOUSE OF VOCAL KINGS AND QUEENS

    Rossy EXO-LRossy EXO-L2 måneder siden
  • I'm here because Baekhyun and doyoung

    hey guyshey guys2 måneder siden

    MAUREENMAUREEN2 måneder siden
  • I'm here again after BaekYong sang this.

  • Wow kangta harmonization is on point, it’s amazingn

    No OneNo One2 måneder siden
  • wenseul is powerful duo wbk

    junichijunichi2 måneder siden
  • Wooow

    Bh HyunBh Hyun2 måneder siden
  • I'm EXO-L and NCTzen, and listened to version by Baekhyun and Doyoung. But, tbh, I like this one more, idk. It's more emotional for me.

    Ummsulaim UtepovaUmmsulaim Utepova2 måneder siden
    • Me too

      Ana MahfuzahAna MahfuzahMåned siden
    • Me too

      Hasnuraini AulyaHasnuraini AulyaMåned siden
    • because the song is in a higher note

      mchalattemchalatteMåned siden
    • Yes, Baekhyun and Doyoung version more calming..

      Jantika LussyJantika LussyMåned siden
    • me too. thats why im rewatching this again

      Insan PratiwiInsan Pratiwi2 måneder siden
  • why people didnt give attention to SEULGIIIII.. she is so amazingg and so talentedd

    Fina NahdiyanaFina Nahdiyana2 måneder siden
  • this version hit different

    wendy cheekswendy cheeks2 måneder siden
  • come here after dy and bh version, but still prefer this versionnnn eventho i love both dy and bh's voices so much.

    camilla hancamilla han2 måneder siden
  • here after doyoung x baekhyun remake! both are amazing❤️

    Rara AurelliaRara Aurellia2 måneder siden
  • 💙💙💙

    Ara ParkAra Park2 måneder siden
  • baekhyun and doyoung will sing this song😭😭

    alya nurhalizaalya nurhaliza2 måneder siden
  • Wendy solo on April!!!!!!!

    Kent Brian FrueldaKent Brian Fruelda2 måneder siden
  • Lagu ini enak banget ke telinga😍😍😍😍

    Reveluv WorldReveluv World2 måneder siden
  • Main vocal & main dancer 👏🏼

    Riski Nur NoviantiRiski Nur Novianti2 måneder siden
  • Jejak sebelum .....

    Riski Nur NoviantiRiski Nur Novianti2 måneder siden
  • Love this song♥️ can’t wait for Baekhyun x Doyoung

    MayxuniverseMayxuniverse2 måneder siden
  • After Kangta-Seulgi-Wendy we will hear Baekhyun-Doyoung version, YESS WE KNOW THAT SM VOCALIST WILL NAIL THIS

    Fighting haeyadwaeFighting haeyadwae2 måneder siden
  • I come back here after Doyoung Baekhyun Doll cover teaser ㅠㅠ i really love this song 😽😽😽

    Haura HalilahHaura Halilah2 måneder siden
  • I can't wait to see Doyoung and Baekhyun cover 3 years after the best version of this immortal song.

    wabisabiwabisabi2 måneder siden
  • Cant wait Baekhyun x Doyoung 😘

    Do KyungsooDo Kyungsoo2 måneder siden
  • Baekhyun & doyoung will sing this song, cant wait!

    Ayugi DAyugi D2 måneder siden
    • Yes yeiiiiiiiii

      Valessa SMValessa SM2 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after learning that Doyoung and Baekhyun will sing this song together?

    wendyasalwwendyasalw2 måneder siden
    • Me

      D.O please create Instagram AccountD.O please create Instagram Account23 dager siden
    • hahahhahahah, me😌

      muhamad abdul roismuhamad abdul roisMåned siden
    • WhT? I'm here because SM everysing contest. I didn't realise this is the same song that baekhyun and doyoung was singing😭 Bcuz i didn't watch Doll MV yet 🥲

      Audilia KylaenaAudilia Kylaena2 måneder siden
    • (♡˙︶˙♡)

      Thirty Sexy BambiThirty Sexy Bambi2 måneder siden
    • Me too, knowing that the song titled "doll" and it's produced by Kangta I was like "is that true?!? Am I dreaming?!"

      Fighting haeyadwaeFighting haeyadwae2 måneder siden
  • Chờ đợi baekhyun và doyoung

    Hương Ngô ThanhHương Ngô Thanh2 måneder siden
  • Is this the song that baekhyun and doyoung will sing?

    Miccah QuimioMiccah Quimio2 måneder siden
    • Yess

      Mark's laugh Is contagiousMark's laugh Is contagious2 måneder siden
    • Yess

      Kiftya AndinKiftya Andin2 måneder siden
  • SM’s vocals are really in a WHOLE new level!! I’m glad that Baekhyun and Doyoung are going to collab for this amazing song!!!!

    chee chinnnchee chinnn2 måneder siden
  • You forget Kangta h.o.t, Lina the Grace, seo Hyun jin milk, Changmin tvxq, Lina the Grace, Chen exo

    yoona limlimlimyoona limlimlim2 måneder siden
  • Dear RV's stylists, this is exactly how you should styling our Wendy

    Nurmala HanumNurmala Hanum2 måneder siden
  • 코로나 끝나면 콘서트 해줭

    RayᅳRayᅳ2 måneder siden
  • 명곡입니다

    jaesuck najaesuck na2 måneder siden
  • perfect

    bluerthanvelvetbluerthanvelvet3 måneder siden
  • Omg powerful voice red velvet

    Charlyn QuerubinCharlyn Querubin3 måneder siden