WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV

5. nov.. 2019
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WayV’s new single "Love Talk" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WayV_LoveTalk
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WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV ℗ LABEL V

  • I know them since before their debut times but nowadays I ALWAYS LISTEN THIS SONG!! ALL THE TIME!!

    Ayseexol AimmjAyseexol Aimmj15 minutter siden
  • Hermosos visuales Aaaaa

    Fernanda TorresFernanda Torres22 minutter siden
  • It's literally 4:05am and im listening to this-

    jaemin's ice creamjaemin's ice cream45 minutter siden
  • 🖤

    вℓαcĸvєℓvєτ-𖤐៹.вℓαcĸvєℓvєτ-𖤐៹.Time siden
  • and we’re going to make love talk the first wayv mv to hit 100 million.

    Carla MonikeCarla Monike2 timer siden
  • This comment section is gold 😂😭

    Shay EditzShay Editz2 timer siden
  • Love Talk un himno.

    Graciela GarcíaGraciela García2 timer siden
  • xiaojun best vocal, his voice is like honey. he deserves more recognition, he sings all the high notes. 1:04

    AdamusAdamus2 timer siden
  • what song is this similar to?

    Reivana PutriReivana Putri2 timer siden
  • 💗👄💗

    Jaqueline BolañosJaqueline Bolaños3 timer siden
  • Its always the 'wyd' but not ichc,fwya,ltwywt,tmtmfmu, :(

    Jilian BasanesJilian Basanes3 timer siden
  • _51.364.141_

    Cherrypink.2Cherrypink.23 timer siden
  • My mom be really liking yang yang i mean anyone would-

    BangtanEditsBangtanEdits4 timer siden
  • Am i the only one who thinks ten's eyes are something else here

    BangtanEditsBangtanEdits4 timer siden
  • 362

    silvsilv4 timer siden
    • 361

      whistlingjenniewhistlingjennie4 timer siden
  • This song is our anthem

    Berry CreamBerry Cream5 timer siden
  • 💚💚💚🎉

  • Loving the you wanna talk~~

    Ten LeeTen Lee5 timer siden
  • 358.165

    prince jungprince jung5 timer siden
  • WayV: me llaman Romeo

    Lucía Domenech CapanoLucía Domenech Capano5 timer siden
  • I never get enough of this song, I'll be here until 100M

    MasterChefXIAOMasterChefXIAO5 timer siden
  • 😊🙃😚😇🙂🤑😚🥰🤩😚😚🤩🤑🤑🤑🤑🤩🥰🤩☺🤩😇🤩😚🤩😇😍😚😇🙂🤩☺😚🤩😇😇🙂😅😚🤩☺🤩😇😇😇🤩☺🤩😇😇🙂🤑😛🥰☺🙂😝🤫😛😘😘😘😘😘🙂🤩😇🙂😛😘😚😙🤩😍😙😍🤩😘😘🥰🥰🤩😚🤩😅😚🙂🤑🤩😇🙂🤑😚🤩😝😚

    Seth DimasSeth Dimas6 timer siden
  • koreans really don't know what quality is

    nurnur6 timer siden
  • I don't know them but this is unacceptable😭

    Avery MillingtonAvery Millington7 timer siden
  • it become my everyday playlist

    Sinthapangbi ArubamSinthapangbi Arubam7 timer siden

    streaming mv wayVstreaming mv wayV7 timer siden
  • Save this song from Oli London😱👆🙄🤏🤞😿🙈🙈

    Jackie BlinkJackie Blink8 timer siden
  • these men looking like angels but talking like devil

    u zu z8 timer siden
    • 😂😂😂

      Kalpana ChatterjeeKalpana Chatterjee8 timer siden

    ًً8 timer siden
    • after midnight

      falling for strangers good graciousfalling for strangers good gracious8 timer siden
  • buat mantan ku : bella banget luuu!

    Jay Why PeeJay Why Pee8 timer siden
  • damnn!!

    OndaOnda9 timer siden
  • I’m stuck here

    WpxxfightingWpxxfighting9 timer siden
  • Please str34m kick back too

    Fradea DanissaFradea Danissa9 timer siden
  • wah kok muter2 terus, betumbuk kita

    winwin poto sama anjing uwi3winwin poto sama anjing uwi39 timer siden
  • when it's kick back era but you are still not over love talk .

    anime monkeanime monke9 timer siden
  • chittaphon sopankah bgitu

    CHittAPhONCHittAPhON10 timer siden
  • i'm addicted to this song

    CHittAPhONCHittAPhON10 timer siden
  • who still st.ream this masterpiece?

    CHittAPhONCHittAPhON10 timer siden
  • thiss song so addictedd💚💚

    Dhavya Azhaar YasmineDhavya Azhaar Yasmine11 timer siden
  • 💚💚💚

    Dhavya Azhaar YasmineDhavya Azhaar Yasmine11 timer siden
  • This song has a fandom of its own.

    Stol BoboStol Bobo11 timer siden
  • Isn't it too late for me to stan this group? 😢

    TodorokiTodoroki11 timer siden
    • ofc noo, welcome bestie

      CHittAPhONCHittAPhON10 timer siden

    Zoey RodriguezZoey Rodriguez11 timer siden
  • This song is so addictive than drugs

    Bts armyforeverBts armyforever12 timer siden
  • Ilk deva WayV dinledim arkadaşımın tavsiyesiyle çok güzel bir şarkı, sesleri harika. Lucasin sesi çok iyi

    Epiphany PurpleEpiphany Purple12 timer siden
  • I found this song today and now I can't turn away from this song,I have been listening to the song since I found it,I'm sorry I didn't find them before🤧

    Purabi RoyPurabi Roy12 timer siden
  • every time he falls in love with xiaojun again ...

    MasterChefXIAOMasterChefXIAO12 timer siden
  • i dont even know them😭...i found this song in my spotify radio n idk this is a bangerrrrr

    Urvashi SharmaUrvashi Sharma12 timer siden
  • This song about Ten's sister

  • My daily dose of eargasm

    Zyrrus TenebroZyrrus Tenebro13 timer siden
  • just a 3:55 video of wayv teasing us

    mimichxymimichxy13 timer siden
  • mkay, imma head out

    mimichxymimichxy13 timer siden
  • hai hai

    streaming mv wayVstreaming mv wayV13 timer siden
  • Song religi, love talk from way v

    Veren karolinaVeren karolina13 timer siden
  • Bestt

    Resty dwi AfniarniResty dwi Afniarni14 timer siden
  • Love the pan in this

    IamGeeOneIamGeeOne14 timer siden
  • The fact that they made this for foreigners/international fans makes me feel special lmao jahshajshxj

    Nico NicooNico Nicoo15 timer siden
  • hohorny nyo naman ito lang mv ng wayv na may 50M views hays

    katie xuxikatie xuxi15 timer siden
  • 316.986

    prince jungprince jung16 timer siden
  • 51,316,668

    BTS ARMYBTS ARMY16 timer siden
  • 51.314.785

    Ardianti Dila KartikaArdianti Dila Kartika16 timer siden
  • This video deserves 100M+

    Citra BellaCitra Bella17 timer siden
  • ✨mAkE iT cLaP✨

    Sahana JawareSahana Jaware17 timer siden
  • Di kolom komennya banyak banget non wayzennie yg dengerin ni lagu yah:"

    Beng BengBeng Beng17 timer siden
  • *not a wayv stan but yo this song o- o damn*

    lucia.lucia.17 timer siden
  • this song makes me addicted

    Endah PutriEndah Putri17 timer siden
  • 👁👄👁👍 👁👅👁👌

    Widiahmira FebrianaWidiahmira Febriana17 timer siden
  • lucas

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • hendery

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • yangyang

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • kun

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • xiaojun

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • ten

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • winwin

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • yokk 52M

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • kalian sarapan apa?

    winxccwinxcc18 timer siden
  • 10M ㅡ unlocked 20M ㅡ unlocked 30M ㅡ unlocked 40M ㅡ unlocked 50M ㅡ unlocked 60M ㅡ locked 70M ㅡ locked 80M ㅡ locked 90M ㅡ locked 100M ㅡ locked keep fighting, sijeuni and wayzenni !

    Raffaitzsa Aqeela QSPRaffaitzsa Aqeela QSP18 timer siden
  • 60M!!!! let’s streamm bestieee

    Tantris PeachyTantris Peachy18 timer siden
  • The drunk station bioinformatically flow because taurus genotypically sniff onto a staking dry. dazzling, fantastic dad

    Thomas jenniferThomas jennifer18 timer siden
  • this song veryyyy interestingggg

    Rengga FitriaRengga Fitria20 timer siden
  • Yokk mampir kesini. Minjem akun adek buat stream awokwok

    Dimas KhaffaDimas Khaffa20 timer siden
    • yeyyy kita samaaa

      Tantris PeachyTantris Peachy18 timer siden
  • Me: i should study for that one test YT: ok but have you listened to love talk today? *automatically plays it* Me: I really should go back to studying tho My brain: ok but what if we try readi- TOUCH ME TEASE ME FEEL ME UP

    Paulina GarayPaulina Garay20 timer siden
  • Kalau gw perform pake lagu ini pas ultah sekolah gimana ya?aowkwowkwowkwowk 🏃

    Rafli PRafli P20 timer siden
  • 51,302,627 52M SOON

    henderyhendery20 timer siden
  • Singing in silent "touch me, tease me, feel me up" 😌

    Last BadayLast Baday20 timer siden
  • Almost 1.5yrs since release of the song and I never get bored.... I still wonder why is it underrated this deserves a billion views

    Brishti DuttaBrishti Dutta21 time siden
  • ikr ill never get bored for this song

    Aida LuthfiyyaAida Luthfiyya21 time siden
  • Here after aespa next level, SM stan will love it!

    irene anairene ana22 timer siden
  • I love this songgggg💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    ʚ Bluéming ɞʚ Bluéming ɞ23 timer siden
  • lopeee to youuu !!!

    ccloudvibesccloudvibes23 timer siden
  • The fact they don't know how many edits of political french men exist on their song.... This Edouard Philippe's edit....

    アウエンアウエン23 timer siden
  • I watched behind the scene first 😂👍 It's really addicting .. Touch me tease me feel me up And everytime I listen to it, I remember ten teasing winwin 😂😂😂😂 Nevertheless it's my everyday song bfre sleeping :3

    Hajime YooHajime YooDag siden
  • 3:06 yes lucas what you're doing to me is a crime

    jasmeh kjasmeh kDag siden
  • Woi yg angkanya ganjil View nya kita genepin 🔥 c'mon

    Winda SilvianaWinda SilvianaDag siden
  • watching this after watching Hot Sauce...

    mojjisungmojjisungDag siden
  • alas dos na tapos eto pinapatugtug ko... di ako pokpok no slayt lang

    mojjisungmojjisungDag siden
  • tangina pang pokpok pala to tapos enjoy pa akong kumanta neto sa harap ng pamilya ko shet. tAts mEh tEaSe mE feEl mE UP~~

    mojjisungmojjisungDag siden
  • People from diff fandoms come here to listen to this thirsty song...don't lie...I know *smirk intensifies*

    Haneen ShaikhHaneen ShaikhDag siden
  • no one: my brain during school: tOucH mE tEaSe mE FeEl mE uP

    zaedoen gyephelzaedoen gyephelDag siden
  • eXcUsE mOi? Wheres the extra digit that should be in the v1ew count?

    ZaraaZaraaDag siden